Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Quiet Day...

I'm not having a good day. Over the weekend Princess Jewel has gone downhill quite quickly. She has gradually stopped eating.She's had a little water but not really interested. Her back legs have seem to have given out on her.She can't really walk or stand on her own power. I think her advanced old age is now bringing her to her last days.

Today,I have her comfortable in a nice nest of blankets. Her favorite ones. I put on a George Winston piano cd because through the years she always would relax and fall asleep to the soft music.

I'm hoping that she will drift off to sleep and go peacefully. I hate to see her suffer and perhaps she will have to go to the vet to let her rest.

So it's a quiet day around here.I'm very sad. She has been a companion to us for 8 years. It will be hard saying goodbye.

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