Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Top 12 Secrets of the Oprah- Roger Ebert Date Revealed...

It's being reported that in the 1980's, Oprah Winfrey and film critic Roger Ebert went on a date. The best thing that happened from this one date romance was Ebert convinced Oprah to launch her show into syndication,make more money than God and begin her world conquest.

The Blog of Pratt has sleuthed out the 12 Other Secrets from the Oprah-Ebert Date...

12. Tense staring contest over jumbo buttered popcorn at cineplex.

11. He likes her perfume asks to have some sprayed on his dessert.

10. Oprah tells oafish waiter Phil he should become a doctor.

9. A seething Steadman Graham watching from afar.

8. They go see "Risky Business"- wonder about that kid jumping on the couch.

7. Both discover secret wish of Oscars made out of Chocolate.

6. "Junk in the Trunk" discovered not a term of endearment for either one.

5. Instead of flowers Ebert brings her pie.

4. Saying "Two Thumbs Up!" worse than goodnight kiss.

3. Both from Chicago-they go to a Cubs game-Concessionaires happy.

2. It was "Siskel this" "Siskel that" all through dinner.

1. Second date? Thumbs down!

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