Friday, December 02, 2005

Happy Holidays Meme...

Year of the first Christmas you can remember- 1969

An early Christmas memory? I was at my grandmother's house and Santa Claus came to visit.

Ever in a holiday play? When? Yes.6th grade.

Did you play a role? What was it? Shepherd #3. I rocked.

Favorite holiday ornament (Past and present)Past: My parents had a glass Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Present: Hand painted portrait of old Jay Bunny.

Decoration you dread seeing every year: Pointsettias.HATE THEM.

Classic Christmas song you never get tired of: Silent Night

Classic Christmas song you loathe: Do You Hear What I Hear

Modern Christmas song you never get tired of:"Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses

Modern Christmas song you loathe: "The Christmas Shoes"

Naughty or Nice? I prefer Naughty.

If you have a Christmas tree, real or artificial? Artificial.Rabbits would gnaw on a real one.

Any holiday traditions unique to your family you'd like to share? On midnight on Christmas Eve I always check to see if the animals in the house talk.

If you were an elf what would your elf name be?-Elfvis.

Favorite Christmas Movie:"It's a Wonderful Life"

Best Scrooge Ever: Alistar Sim (1951)

Favorite Christmas Special: "Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer" (1964)

Favorite Misfit Toy: Charlie in the Box

Have you ever re-gifted? Yes

Do you still rush out and shop on the 24th? Sometimes. Usually stocking stuffers.

Can you wrap presents well? It's a disaster when I do it.

What's one thing you know will always be in your Christmas stocking?Candy

Best Christmas present ever? Twizzle (Dec.20th 2003!)

Spill a holiday secret- my mother would buy a fruitcake and nobody liked my sister and I would take turns cutting off pieces and putting it in the garbage disposal. However, this made her think we loved it every year and so another would be bought. gah.

Started on your Christmas Cards yet? This weekend I am.

Do you bake Christmas cookies? I may try this year.GULP.

You find yourself under the mistletoe with Pratt. What do you do?

Do you leave cookies out for Santa? Yes. And carrots for the reindeer. The carrots are always gone!

Can I refill your egg nog?

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