Friday, December 09, 2005

Top 12 Paris Hilton Holiday Decorations...

A man in Cranston, Rhode Island has decided to decorate his home for Christmas with giant photos of Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell. Neighbors are dismayed to put it mildly.

The Blog of Pratt has uncovered the Top 12 things to see in the Paris Hilton holiday decoration display...

12. Red Carpet on Nativity scene.

11. Carrot nose on snowman vibrates.

10. Tinkerbell with antlers.

9. Deep throated candy canes.

8. Video montage on Paris unwrapping gifts,decorating a tree, and doing reverse cowgirl.

7. Music playing throughout display includes "Carol of the Skank".

6. Boyfriend of the week Stavros crashing Santa's sleigh with a coat over his head.

5. Paris and the First Noel-someone she picked up in a club.

4. Three Wise Man are running from paparazzi.

3. Paris attempts internship at Santa's Workshop.

2. Mistletoe thong.

1. Gold, Frankincense,Chlamydia.

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