Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top 12 Ways to get Around New York City During The Transit Strike...

New York City is enduring its first transit strike in 25 years. How are plucky New Yorkers getting to and fro?

The Blog of Pratt has the Top 12 ways to Get Around New York City During the Transit Strike.

12. Break out the Segways!

11. Have Giant Ape on Empire State Building give you a hand.

10. Napolean Dynamite will pull you into town on his bike. Sweet!

9. Enter Wardrobe- take Lincoln Tunnel by way of Narnia.

8. Fill up your webshooter and swing across midtown like you always do.

7. What? Even the Polar Express is out? Damn!

6. Stars of "Lost" willing to drive you...on second thought...

5. With a good sail that hot dog cart makes a "yar" craft.

4. If stranded in city- take refuge from cold weather in Scores.

3. Fly over city in old Macy's parade balloon. Watch out for lamppost.

2. Dig canoe out of Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree-float up East River.

1. Don't worry, there's a dude with a reindeer-pulled sleigh coming along in a few days.

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