Saturday, April 30, 2005

Runaway Registry...

The big story in the news is Jennifer Wilbanks.She's the Duluth Georgia woman who disappeared earlier in the week a few days before her wedding.She at first claimed she was abducted on a night time jog but in reality freaked out about the wedding kept on running until she got to New Mexico before turning herself in.Maybe she thought New Mexico was another country.

The wedding was for 600 people with 14 bridesmaids. She has already been thrown 8 wedding showers. The wedding was supposed to happen today. A family spokesperson said in a new conference "It appears she has some issues."

Uh..No shit!

And her pastor said he is baffled as to why she fled.

Um...maybe because your pre-marriage counseling really really sucks????

Her whole community had spent the last few days searching for her. Her fiancee was named a suspect by police in her disappearance and had to take polygraph tests.

Jennifer turned up yesterday near Albuquerque, New Mexico(She must have got directions from Bugs Bunny) and now is back in Georgia to face the music(but not the Wedding March) there. She's got some "splainin' to do.

Everyone sing along..."I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair...."

Now then, you don't think the Blog of Pratt would make any more fun of this horrible personal crisis?

Wrong. Mrs. Pratt came up with the idea to search for her wedding registry online:

Hey Folks! Here's her wedding registry courtesy of

I'm suprised that for 600 people not all the items were purchased from Macy's, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. Someone did buy the Cheese dome and the wine caddy.

Ironically, a pressure cooker isn't on her wish list.

Oh well, good luck to the bride and groom! Or maybe the producers of The Bachelor should contact the jilted groom. I smell ratings!!!

OK Computer!...

I finally replaced my home computer after 7 years. The old one saw a lot of wear and tear and endless bunny photos, but it was really just about to go up in a puff of smoke. The old one would make noises;loud whirring, coughing and wheezing. So we put it down. I'll miss you Old Yeller..I mean Hal.

Buying the new one started on Thursday night. Mrs. Pratt and I sauntered up to the Best Buy that's closest to us. Customer service there is hit or miss. Either 4 commission monkeys are hanging all over you like doughnuts on Kirstie Alley or all is quiet on the electronic front. Guess which scenario we got?

We were standing around the computer section after picking out the one we want looking around in vain for a human body.It was only 7pm.


So we bagged getting the new machine Thursday. Friday night we were off to another Best Buy - the first five minutes nobody was around then I ran into a spiky haired dude.I think his actual name was Dude.

But the kid knew what to do - and within 15 minutes we were on our way home with a new HP. I know... all you advanced computer gods out there will lash out that dude- I should have got a Dell. But the old computer was a couple of circuits away from being a fireball or thrown out the window by me.

The new one is speedy and nice and a bazillion quirks the old one had are not there.I can watch Dvd's which is a bonus so when Mrs. Pratt is immersed in the next 18 hour Trading Spaces marathon I can come upstairs and watch something from my collection.


Friday, April 29, 2005

The Big Picture...

People are always talking about looking at the "The Big Picture". I think it's also known as the "The Grand Scheme of Things" or "The Whole Enchilada".

Why they picked the "enchilada" I'm not sure- I think it's referring to the shape of the wait... that's the "Big Burrito". It's never the "Big Fajita" or the "Humungous Chimichangas" or even an order of chicken tacos and could I PLEASE get a side salad with that? What? You have no Thousand Island dressing?". Great, now I have to run to Taco Bell after writing this entry. Mexican food aside, I've been doing some thinking.(Uh-Oh I hear you say).

I usually don't write much about my job because it's not the kind of exciting position that would make you, dear reader, hurl yourself in front of the computer to read with breathless anticipation about the latest exciting developments.

I really doubt you sit there at home or work and wonder "Is today the day that Pratt will update the Standard Federal Tax Reporter AND the Federal Tax Coordinator?" It's a library job and I've been doing it for almost 13 years.

But despite it sounding dull I still enjoy what I do for a living.Today, not so much due to situations that I wish wouldn't get me stressed out. I had to come home and decompress and think about the "The Big Picture".

We all know that all the places we work can be "offbeat" at times. Offbeat is the charming polite way of saying everyone is fucking batshit crazy. Look at the popularity of "Dilbert" and "The Office". The workplace has been the setting for the gloom of "Barleby the Scrivener" and "Glengarry Glen Ross". I thought about how work is seen through the eyes of our society in art,pop culture,literature. Yeah my brain thinks like that. I think the warranty ran out or something. Complaining about the workplace I think goes back to Noah when he said "You want me to build what?"
I'm not covering any new ground for any of us.

"The Big Picture" is when you take a deep breath and give yourself a rundown on all the options before you. It's the cause and effect, the truth or dare of your life.How does A relate to B and then C . What? I heard there wasn't going to be any Math! um anyway...

So today was officially known as a BAD DAY for me. The details when seen through the "Big Picture" makes me step outside of myself and tap me on the shoulder and say "You're getting upset about THIS?" Then I send myself out for some sandwiches and magazines.I better get my change back! Last time I sent myself out for food I kept the extra $5.

I really don't have many bad days at work. When too many string along in a workplace, well then karma is telling you to update that resume. But today pushed the envelope that maybe it's time for something new soon.

I'm standing back and looking at "The Big Picture". I wish I had an enchilada.

What's my Day Like?

Yeah day is a lot like this. Oh the humanity.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Trash Talk...

Laaaaaadies and Gentlemen...welcome to the main event...In this corner weighing a Buck 80...wearing the khakis and button down shirt..King of the Rabbit Punches...Pratt! And in the other corner weighing probably 200 pounds and looking rather surly - The Crusher Custodian.


The Crusher enters the office.It's his usual 3pm visit which totally disrupts Pratt's workday.He's new and has been doing this for about 2 weeks now. He wheels in a massive trash can to empty the other cans into. Awkward conversation is attempted each day by him. He's always baffled why our trash cans are full of boxes and discarded books. It's been explained that our Acquisitions office gets all the mail,large boxes of new books and we generate a lot of trash from superceded filings and books to all the broken down cardboard from the boxes.

Crusher:"Who threw these books in here??This is trash. (Points to small can)This is recycling. "

Pratt:(explaining how our office works yet again)We just get so much trash we fill everything we can. I can ask my supervisor if you need us to get more recycle cans."

Crusher:"Why throw the books in here and not recycling.I have to sort it out it's a federal law." Vein in forehead appears. Hulk smash.

Pratt:"Like I said sir, we just have the bad luck of getting so much material we have no where else for it. We'll try to get different cans if you'd like or more recycle cans."

Crusher:"Don't give me attitude. I have to sort this."

Pratt:"It's not attitude. It's how the trash has been here for the last 15 years. We just have limited space and options. I'm sorry it's like that.My supervisor will be back tomorrow."


Pratt:"Uh...ok if you say so."

The Crusher lumbers out. Pratt wins this round!


If a custodian with a grudge puts my body parts in garbage bags I have an inkling they will be recyclable.

Stay Tuned for future bouts...

Take Your Daughter to Work Day- White House Edition

Today is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Maybe where you work you'll see co-workers teaching their kids about what their career is all about. It's a fun educational experience.

Yet,The Blog of Pratt started wondering if President Bush also is participating by having the Bush twins help run the country. Here's how I imagine their daily schedule would be:

7am-Kegs and Eggs breakfast.

8am-Security Briefing with Ryan Seacrest.

9am-Meet with Congressional leaders. Gossip about what dorks they SO are!

10am-Walk Barney. Flirt with Secret Service.

11am- Devise comprehensive geo-political exit strategy for withdrawal of armed services in Iraq.

12pm- Lunch with G-7! Round of kamikaze shots!

1pm- Shoe shopping with Condi.

2pm- Clean up Red Bull spilled on Oval Office rug.

3pm- Reprogram Dad's Ipod to include 50 Cent and Clay Aiken.

4pm- Take helicopter to local Sephora.

5pm- Say goodnight to Dad.Head to Georgetwon bars for Happy Hour.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

100 More Things...

1. I have hazel eyes.
2. I used to watch waaay too much television.
3. My favorite poem is by e.e.cummings
4. I never miss watching the Oscars each year.
5. I'm horribly allergic to cats.
6. I've never been arrested.
7. I was homeless for 2 months in 1985.
8. I'm not afraid to fly.
9. I'm a night owl.
10. I love Hooters... because I'm a night owl..whooo whooo! No? Not buying it?
11. I don't know how to juggle.
12. I have 4 scars on my body.
13. The roller rink I worked at in the 1980's is now a parking lot.
14. The hospital I was born in is now a parking lot.
15. A house I lived in during the early 1990's is now a parking lot.
16. I was in a bad car accident.But I wasn't driving and wasn't injured.
17. I can ice skate but haven't done it in like 20 years.
18. I used to take more risks.
19. I blush easily.
20. My favorite beer is Yuengling.
21. The first career I wanted was to be an Astronaut.
22. I wrote Woody Allen a letter once and he wrote me back.
23. I like to fly kites.
24. I love to people watch.
25. I check my email a lot.
26. I feel down when there isn't any.
27. I've played strip poker and won.
28.... and lost too.
29. The last time I was drunk was in August.
30. My favorite superhero is The golden age Sandman.
31. My favorite Stooge is Larry.
32. I am quick to forgive.
33. Nothing beats a weekend in bed.
34. I've discovered an ancestor of mine fought in the Revolutionary War.
35. Doing housework is no big deal for me.
36. I don't mind picking up the check.
37. I always wanted to travel across Canada by train.
38. Favorite dessert is Chocolate Mousse.
39. hmmm...But I also like Pie.
40. I haven't been to the movies in the last 3 months.
41. I haven't rented a movie in over 6 months.
42. I like doing laundry.
43. I wish I had a better fashion sense.
44. It frustrates me when people don't understand my sense of humor.
45. Lewis Black always makes me laugh.
46. Jeff Foxworthy does not.
47. I like rainy days.
48. I wish I had more friends.
49. I like Chinese food. General Tso Chicken rocks.
50. I've been in love several times.
51. I use an electric razor.
52. Spider Man gave me a tour of the offices of Marvel Comics once.
53. I don't know how to ski.
54. I wish I was living in another part of the country.
55. Favorite Baseball player ever- John Kruk.
56. I'd rather watch a comedy than a drama.
57. I have brown hair with a stray gray.
58. I don't feel as old as I am.
59. I don't like to eat a lot of seafood like crab or lobster.
60. I've burnt some of my bridges but repaired some as well.
61. Harry Kalas announcing a Phillies game on the radio is wonderful.
62. Favorite Beatle- Ringo.
63. Reading a book on the floor with a rabbit sitting nearby is peaceful.
64. I wish I was doing something else career-wise.
65. I miss going to happy hours.
66. I try to bring Mrs. Pratt coffee in bed every morning.
67. I'm not a blanket hog.
68. I feed the squirrels in my backyard.
69. I've been to a nude beach.
70. I saw "Ginger" from 'Gilligan's Island" shopping once. I didn't approach her.
71. I'm a sucker for Strawberry-blondes.
72. I love Halloween.
73. I remember my dreams easily the next morning.
74. favorite animated characters:Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson,Baby Stewie
75. I plan on writing a blog for as long as I live.
76. I've been on a front page of a city newspaper.
77. Car I wish I had- Beetle.
78. I can act out whole sections of "It's a Wonderful Life".
79. Thunderstorms are fun with someone.
80. I'm not a good photographer.
81. I've commited random acts of kindness.
82. I still get crushes.
83. I vote but get incredibly jaded at the outcome.
84. I think Key West is the best place to see a sunset.
85. Cuba Lake isn't bad either.
86. My greatest fear is dying in a car crash.
87. 3 historical figures I admire: Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, FDR.
88. Doing shots is fun.
89. I like kareoke but have never tried it.
90. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents.
91. I own a bear skin rug.
92. I won a comedy competition once.
93. I stopped doing it due to stage fright.
94. I miss performing.
95. I've laughed during a funeral.
96. I don't want any religious ceremony for me when I die.
97. I only wear a baseball hat at baseball games.
98. Without my glasses I'm blind like Velma from Scooby Doo.
99. I like raking leaves. I hate shoveling snow.
100. I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaay.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It Doesn't Make Cents...

Do you still go to bank? I mean physically enter the bank building and wait in a line for a human teller? Are you the type of person to just do drive-thru- with the clunky container and the pneumatic tubes and the sqwalky intercom system? I personally haven't been inside a bank in over a decade. I'm a big fan of direct deposit and the ATM.

Mrs. Pratt hasn't set up direct deposit for her current job. The easiest thing for her to do is deposit it at our local grocery store where the bank has a branch set up.Her adventures at the ATM each week lately would seem that she should just give all her money to anger management classes.

(Door Slams)
Mrs. Pratt:RAHR!*
*ed. note- She doesn't actually say "Rahr!"- usually it's a string of curse words to make Teamsters blush, but I was watching "Jurassic Park 3" the other night so RAHR sums up her attitude*

Me:"What happened this time?"

Mrs. Pratt proceeds to tell me that yet again she had terrible luck at the grocery store ATM. The first week she went there an 85 year old lady was attempting to use the machine. Befuddled by the language buttons I think the elderly woman pressed a series of wrong commands and now her bank statements are all in Portugeuse. Mrs. Pratt, tired of waiting did a complete week of grocery shopping up and down 12 aisles and Fiduciary Granny was STILL working buttons when she returns to the ATM.

The next week the door slams again. "Old lady?" I ask. "No worse, she replied,"5 year old child."
Yes it was one of those times where a suburban Mom decides to teach her moppet a good lesson in what money and the cash machine is all about! She lets little daughter press the buttons for mommy! whoopsie!Little lass pressed the wrong button! We have to start over. Press cancel for mommy! No not the withdrawal! No Not $3,000,000! Ha ha cute! Do Over! (Repeat this scene ten times.)

The mother is oblivious of the long queue that is snaking around the store that her and Alanis Greenspan are causing.
I know my wife is looking for the day old bread at this point. A good hard loaf of french bread to bludgeon widdle itty bitty kid's skull open.

Tonight. *door slam* "Kids again? Old Lady? Vampires?"I ask. I get the Look of Death.
She sighs heavily. A young couple was ahead of her. She was in luck! Two people of this digital age who surely are well versed in using the ATM.Their card is in but they aren't pushing buttons.Uh-oh.They were having an argument.Making life altering decisions while using the ATM. She noticed their appearance. Guy had a mullet.Girl had a washed out 80's perm. Mrs. Pratt couldn't tell if this was the guy's sister/girlfriend/wife/cousin or all of the above.But she seemd a little "slow".

Apparently Debra Jo wants money to buy something like oh say... food. But Duane wants to put a down payment on a bitchin' new car.And Mrs. Pratt thought the girl was the slow one. Then they discussed where rent money would come from.
Mrs. Pratt stomped off before they got into discussing what "vittles" to have or where to trade in the truck for a General Lee.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Spotted in a Mall Parking Lot...

Hey! Look everybody! It's a giant cliche. Nascar Dad was nowhere to be found.

Monday Bunny-Senior Edition...

Today's Monday Bunday is devoted to Greyton and Princess Jewel. They are the elder bunnies in the household. Princess is almost 10 and Greyton is about 9. They are a little bit slower than active Baxter and Twizzle, but their maturity keeps the younger bunnies in line.

Snoozy Bunny Greyton. He loves his naps.

Greyton-flopped out with his paws crossed. He'll sit like this and keep an eye on the living room.

Greyton is a gentle soul who is the friendliest when interacting with the other rabbits. He's the Alpha Bunny of the house and reminds me of the character of BigWig from Richard Adams "Watership Down".

Princess Jewel. Each of the rabbits have their own personalities. Jewel has the devotion to us like a small dog. She gets extremely jealous when she hears us talking to the other bunnies and let's us know through growling sometimes. Once we understood her Princess behavior she has turned into one of the sweetest pets ever.

Princess Jewel's breed is half Dutch and half Dwarf. her blue eyes have always set her apart from other bunnies who usually have brown or pink eyes. Another sign of her Royal stature I guess. She can't jump up on the bed but we put her on there daily for petting and she usually flops out there when I read.

Princess Jewel declares this Monday Bunday to come to an end. Away Paparazzi!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Days of Our Carrots...

Today there was a secret rendez-vous.Baxter spent time in the living room .Social introductions had to be made. Twizzle however was a very very bad boy and decided to try to bite Baxter. He was sent to the cage for a time-out. Baxter was given run of the living room for the first time. A very suave Greyton worked his mojo.they got along well for a half hour until he started making his buzzing noises and wanted to do the horizontal mambo with her. Here are their first photos together. Twizzle will get his chance again soon. Later in the evening he flopped out near her pen and was a gentleman rabbit.

Girl Meets Bun.

Greyton plays it cool while Miss Baxter checks out his big poufy tail. Work it Greyton!

Greyton says "Later babe." Baxter says "Girls Rule. Boys Drool."

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Invisible Man...

Mrs. Pratt is finishing her last major project to finish her MBA degree. It includes a 25 page paper and an in- class presentation. Her entire weekend will be devoted to this endeavour which means I have to be the invisible man.

When she is deep in scholarly thought, the last things she needs is Monkey Boy to be babbling about things like animated juice glasses. Rabbits are known for sometimes being underfoot, and one thing we learned about having them as pets is to always be conscious of where we walk. I'm the one being underfoot now.

I totally understand. I annoy her when she is on her laptop and I ask her to "check my blog!" By the 23rd time I ask her The Look of Death is active. This is usually when I'll go into the living room and start channel flipping...another pet peeve for her.
The constant changing soundtrack of the tv bothers her so I'm chased out of there.

I go up to my "library".The room where I keep my collection of miscellania and where I usually blog from. The soundtrack is usually something from the '80's which I am told I'm playing too damn loud.

Tomorrow I'll flop in a big overstuffed chair and read for a few hours. Being invisible is hard work.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Wabbit Season...

The Art of Warner Brothers Cartoons will be featured in a special exhibition at the James A. Michener Museum in nearby Doylestown. It runs from Apr. 23rd through July 3rd.

Along with 160 animation cels of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, there will be a series of special events and lectures regarding this artform and tributes to Chiuck Jones, animation workshops, and of course a screening of the Best of Bugs Bunny.

Greyton and the bunnies are very excited about this.

Top 12 Celebrity Earth Day Events...

Happy Earth Day! The Blog of Pratt presents to you what the stars are doing to celebrate the environment.Here are the Top 12 Celebrity Earth Day Events...

12. Deforestation of Robin Williams.

11. Anna Nicole Smith finally understands this is the planet she lives on.

10. Simon Cowell pledges to talk in soothing voice to plant life. Begins with Ryan Seacrest.

9. P. Diddy's "Recycle or Die".

8. "America's Next Top Model" is now Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton.

7. "Northern Exposure" cast reunion debates Alaskan Wildlife Refuge Oil drilling plan. Maurice- Pro. Dr. Fleishman- Con.

6. Jenna Jameson picks up stray thongs littered around her movie sets.

5. Oprah gives away Electric Cars today!

4. Star Wars Geeks vow that spice traders from Naboo won't club Jawas.

3. People who haven't hooked up with Paris Hilton named to Endangered Species Act.

2. Tara Reid known now as Terra Reid.

1. MTV's debuts new show "Pimp My Environment".

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Missing Links...

Whenever I discover a cool blog , if it captures my interest for awhile I'll add it to my links. These are my daily reads. The pages I need to see get my blog fix. Not everybody updates daily like I do, but I still like to drop in on your pages on a regular basis.

But lately, a few of my links have stopped dead in their blog tracks.

I hate removing links once I throw them up there- but when the hiatus turns into more than a month I get worried. Do I send the person an email? Are you ok? Did the blogging urge vanish? Were your fingers broken and now you're unable to type? Creativity well dry?

But people have their reasons for ending a blog. Time,tasks,life. I miss the pages that fade away. Does any of the more experienced bloggers have any statistics on the lifespans of blog sites?

Ok so I'm rambling about fifty different thoughts. But I guess I'll have to do some housecleaning to clean up some links of pages that have faded and not coming back.

Now here is where you come in- I'm always looking for new blogs to discover. So tell me 3 Blogs I should know about. If I like them I'll add them to my links. What hidden web treasure would you like to rave about? I'm sure they'll appreciate the added exposure.

Ruth Hussey

Ruth Hussey has died at the age of 93. Co- starring in many movies from the 1940's to the 60's, she will be best remembered by film fans as Liz Imbrie from "The Philadelphia Story".

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Thinking Caps On...

Here's another quiz for you courtesy of the Blog of Pratt. Today's topic is Gaming!
Whether it's the lure of Las Vegas or Atlantic City,lottery tickets or Bingo , test your knowledge on this pasttime.

1. The phrase Snake Eyes refers to___.

A. What happens when you get bad liquor.
B. Your student loan officer.
c. A bad roll of the dice at the crap table.
D. That person you went to your high school prom with.

2. If you won Powerball your motto would be___.

A. I've officially retired.
B. Share and Share Alike.
C. I'll donate to worthy charities.
D. So Long, Suckers!!

3. Poker is so popular these days! Which hand is the best one____.

A. Three of a kind.
B. Pair of Jacks.
C. Royal Flush.
D. I don't know I'm ambidextrous.

4. What horrible tragedy occured in Las Vegas___.

A. Roy Horn mauled by his tiger.
B. Celine Dion sings.
C. Really I had tickets for another show but dammit I got stuck with Celine Dion.
D. Please! Open the doors! Let me out!!! I don't want to hear her anymore! Help!

5. Atlantic City's street names can be found in what popular game____

A. Mystery Date
B. Clue
C. Monopoly
D. Grand Theft Auto

6. Lady Luck is ___

A. Based on the ancient Roman Goddess Fortuna.
B. A phrase uttered by hopeful gamblers
C. An annoying woman at the Renaissance Fair.
D. Working the "Hot Tomato Show Bar" for $20 bucks a lap dance.

7. Which event has the most astronomical odds of happening___

A. Red Sox repeat as World Series Champs.
B. Buffalo Bills will win the Super Bowl.
C. Randy Jackson goes a month without saying the word "DAWG"
D. Pratt writes something funny.

8. Which card game is popular in casinos___

A. Texas Hold'em.
B. Blackjack.
C. Go Fish
D. Strip Solitaire.

9. A big past time in casinos is___

A. Enjoying the comps for a free room.
B. dining at one of the large buffets.
C. Carbon dating the senior citizens to guess their age.
D. Watching people cry when they lose their mortgage payment.

10. Which is not a game of chance___

A. Roulette
B. Slots
C. Baccarat
D. Hooking up with Paris Hilton.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And in other news...

Clay Aiken will be appearing on the Dr. Phil show today to shockingly reveal that he was the target of school bullies.

To which Dr. Phil will reportedly reply ,"Well, DUH! You're Clay Aiken!"


Benedict XVI. Cardinal Ratzinger of Munich has been named the 265th Pope.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday Bunday

Hello Peasants...another Monday Bunday is here.

Princess had her nap disturbed by the pesky paparazzi.

Baxter enjoying Sunday afternoon with the boys.

Where are those little boy bunnies?


After a long day it's nice to get a nuzzle from a friend. Greyton and Twizzle.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Top12 Comments you won't hear at the Cardinal's Conclave...

It's time for the 265th Pope to be named for the Catholic Church. 115 Cardinals will be secluded inside the Vatican to elect a new pontiff. Although all deliberations are shrouded in secrecy, The Blog of Pratt has determined the Top 12 Comments that Won't be said by the Conclave of Cardinals...

12. "Yahtzee!"

11. "My Ipod has some great Gregorian chants."

10. "Who amongst us shall pick up 115 dinners from 'Applebee's Carside to Go'? "

9. "I think I saw Ty Pennington redoing the Papal apartments."

8. "Did Bo make it to the next round of American Idol?"

7. "Is the new Pope from Magna or New Worth?"

6. "Let's hurry this up- the season finale of 'Desperate Housewives' is coming up!"

5. "We have come to a decision. ....Tonight's movie will be 'Miss Congeniality 2'."

4. "Forget the black or white smoke business.This year we I.M. everybody."

3. "Make sure the doors are locked and sealed securely! Geraldo is outside!!!"

2. "Hey! How about Pope Regis?"

1. "Rock, Paper ,Scissors?"

Seeing Red...

By late last night my face and neck were completely red- sunburn! This always happens to me in early April. We get a nice sunny day but it may be cool like 60 degrees(like yesterday) then before you know it I'm Lobster Boy.

It's not too bad and a good base burn for Florida next month. I'll have to go out and buy some SPF 4000.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

One Man's Trash...

The alarm clock went off at 7am.Mrs. Pratt was quite growly to be rising and shining so early on a Saturday morning.Today was the day of the neighborhood yard sale. We looked out the window onto the street - at 7:30 am there were cars circling the block slowly.

Mrs. Pratt:"People are just plain nuts."

We roused ourselves from a sleepy stupor and after 3 gallons of coffee were ready to unload the accumulated junk from our basement on the public. It was also a nice way to hang out with neighbors you don't get to see much. Next door the Nice Neighbors had an impressive display of used items. I kept eyeing the vhs version of the Star Wars trilogy while Mrs. Pratt gave me the stinkeye about buying more stuff when we are trying to be clutter free.

Mr. Nice Neighbor made a nice side business today with brisk sales of fresh popcorn to pedestrians.

It's Mr. Nice Neighbor- The Popcorn King of the Yard Sale.

We arranged all of our items and believe me we are so glad to see it leave the house. The plan is for us to finish our basement and put a kickass bar down there.But first we had to get rid of the ghosts of bad purchases past.

Presenting the ugliest glasses you could find anywhere...we sold them for 10 cents apiece.They look like Homer Simpson poured his nuclear waste in there.

Sales were good. A nice crowd came to the yard sale.55 houses participated. Our big ticket item was my old Sega Saturn game system and 7 games- $20. It wasn't until about noon that someone bought it.A lot of kids looked at it and wondered what it was. Suddenly I'm old timer Pratt- "Back in my day we didn't no fancy Playstation..."

A small selection of the wares we were selling today.

The saddest thing I parted with today was my old turntable. This was the record player I used all through the 80's. Mrs. P. bought me a combo turntable, cd,cassette player a few years ago so I can still listen to my 80's music. But that turntable got me through the decade and as I reminded Mrs. Pratt-played the music that wooed her back when we were dating. Well it wooed a lot of people. But time marches on...

Mrs. Pratt and I sold Ikea chairs,a coffee table,numerous mugs and glasses,we sold most of what we had put out.By 1pm all that was left was an old rusted trunk and Douglas Fir the demonic talking Xmas tree. We put a big sign that said FREE on them. Sure enough within an hour those disappeared too. Pratt-Mart was now closed.

There weren't too many oddball characters skulking about the yard sale. Several old ladies took forever to part with a thin dime for a coffee mug or candle holder. Mrs. Pratt walked up the street and at that opportunity I did buy the Star Wars tapes and a silly old Tom Hanks movie "Bachelor Party". Mrs. Pratt saw them in the house and let out a slight growl. I told her I was disappointed someone snatched up the copy of "Turner and Hooch".

Friday, April 15, 2005

Going Yard...

Every year the neighborhood association organizes a yard sale for all the houses on the block. It's grown in popularity each year and almost everyone on the block participates. It's a nice way to get rid of junk in your house and actually get outside and socialize with neighbors after being stuck inside all winter.

This year the yard sale is on Saturday morning from 8:30-1pm. Mrs. Pratt and I signed up. Now all we had to do was start cleaning out the house finding stuff to sell.

We went to the basement to play everybody's favorite game show :"Keep, Ditch, or Sell." (cue cheesy game show music)

And here's your host- Twitch Martindale.....

"Hello, thank you ...welcome to 'Keep, Ditch ,or Sell.' Let's meet our contestants...

He's a library guy with rabbits and blogs on the brain say hello to Pratt!

She's a lighthouse aficianado with a penchant for boozing it up and Duran Duran...say hello to Mrs. Pratt."

The game begins...

Me: "Sewing machine."
Mrs. Pratt: "Keep."

Me:"You haven't sewn anything or used it since 1998."
Mrs. Pratt: "I'll use it."
Me:"grrrrowl.I expect a hand tailored suit then."

Moving on...

Mrs. Pratt:"I want to use those this summer."
Me:"You haven't touched these since 1996."
Mrs. Pratt:"Keep."

Round 3...

Me: "5 Jigsaw puzzles. I think we lost some pieces. I say ditch ."
Mrs. Pratt: "Keep. I want to do those again."
Mrs. Pratt: "Someday."

Then we moved to the lightning round. It's where I wish lightning would just blast all the junk in our basement away and be done with it.

Me: "Cups? coffee mugs? sell. sell."
Mrs. Pratt:"Table? keep?"
Me: "We don't use it. sell."
Me: "Christmas decorations? ratty garland? Any relation to judy garland?"
Mrs. Pratt:Look of Death
Me: "Ha ha? ditch."

Me: "Baxter? Greyton? Twizzle and Princess?"
Mrs. Pratt: "You are mean. KEEP.Husband? Sell! Ditch!!"
Me: "I'm a bargain at any price.All my parts are in excellent condition."

Me: "Wine glasses and brandy glasses?"
Mrs. Pratt: "What? Sell glasses to hold alcohol? Are you crazy? Keep!"

We cobbled together enough odds and ends to set up the old card table tomorrow morning. If it's anything like last year ...I should have some interesting stories.

Golden Anniversary for the Golden Arches...

50 years ago today,April 15,1955, Ray Kroc opened the first restaurant of the McDonalds Corporation.

I think I'll have some french fries for lunch.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Family Dinner...

Greyton's great great great great great great grandfather was discovered.

Blog Tip Jars...

More blog related news for you. Today's Philadelphia Inquirer features a story by staff writer Beth Gillin on Blog Tip Jars. It's an insightful look at how some high traffic blogs can pull in some major coin.

For blog friends who have them- do they work for you?

The Blog of Pratt considered a cyber tip jar but realized that all cash would probably be used by the rabbits on a carrot and lettuce binge.

Blog People Unite...

I'm a bit late discussing this issue but would appreciate your feedback on this. Back in February, Michael Gorman, President -elect of the American Library Association wrote an article for Library Journal and denounced blogs and blog culture as a useful tool for libraries.

The response by the "blog people" Gorman disparages has been overwhelmingly negative towards his narrow vision.

I am a member of the American Library Association. I have decided that under Gorman's tenure of 2005-2006 I will resign my membership. I also have the urge to ring his doorbell and run.

There are many wonderful library related blogs to discover. It's a shame that someone in a leadership role in my profession fails to recognize their importance.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

JournalCon 2005...

Great news! JournalCon 2005 has been announced. It will be in sunny San Diego Oct.21-23. I definitely plan on attending. Last year's JournalCon in Washington DC was an amazing experience. Look out west coast friends Pratt is headed your way this October.

Whale of a Tale...

The big news in this area is that a beluga whale has found itself swimming up the Delaware River around Trenton.

Beluga whales are usually found in the arctic.It's extrememly rare to find one in fresh water. Marine wildlife specialists will try to determine the health status of the whale today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Paper Chase...

I'm currently finding myself in a battle of wits with an 85 year old lady...and losing.

Readers of the Blog of Pratt will recall an elderly neighbor who scams her trash service from us. Well the gravy train has been continuing for her lately with the brazen theft of one of my morning newspapers.

I love to read the morning newspaper. I take the Philadelphia Inquirer and a local paper the Times Herald.But that's the thing..I want to read them in the MORNING.

The old lady gets the Inquirer every morning as well ...and has been helping herself to my Times Herald.

It's not any confusion on her part. I've spotted her from the upstairs window snagging it. Then it sometimes mysteriously shows up on my doorstep in the evening.Sometimes it doesn't appear even though I'm sure it was in the driveway in the morning.

Every morning now I'm standing next to Mrs. Pratt's side of the bed looking out the window taking stock of where the paper is.

Me:"Ok..You're a witness . It's out there today."

Mrs. Pratt: "What are you doing now?"

Me:"The Old Lady. First it was the trash. Now she's swiping our newspapers!"

Mrs. Pratt: " Maybe she doesn't realize it's hers."

Me: "Oh she knows exactly what she's doing. She throws it over on our porch when she's done with it."

Mrs. Pratt: "Ok well you get up at the crack of dawn and go get it then."

I really don't want to have a confrontation with her. She's a sweet old lady despite her scamming skills. But dammit- I'm paying for the subscription and half the time now I don't get the paper back.

So now I have my cellphone set to wake me up extra earlier than normal so I can scamper out half asleep in order to thwart "Light Fingers Louise".

If any of my neighbors see a nut waving a newspaper and doing a victory dance in pajamas...that would be me.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Lucky Me...

Back from our 2 day trip to Atlantic City.It was a fun experience. This morning we had a quick breakfast and played some slots before heading home. The Gods of Blog assisted me last night though. Lucky lucky me.But let we start at the beginning.

We left our house at 2pm and there was hardly any traffic so we pulled into our hotel by 4pm.The Duran Duran show at the Borgata started at 8pm so we had plenty of time to check in to our casino hotel(Showboat),grab dinner and get ready for the show.

Since Mrs. Pratt and I go to the casino occasionally she gets comps for free hotel rooms. We decided to use it Sunday. It was in one of the new sections of the building and we had a very nice room.

Another comp was a free dinner at their buffet.The line to get in took about a half hour and I saw quite a few senior citizens whose knees were ready to buckle while standing there for so long. Once we got in, another surprise, the food was pretty good.

We had a drink or two and Mrs. Pratt got ready for the concert. She looked beautiful.We drove over to the Borgata which is on the marina side of town.
Now the fun begins...

Our tickets for Duran Duran were General admission. We , along with several other hundred people were crowded in right up to the stage. Mrs. Pratt definiely wanted to be on the side where bass player John Taylor stands. So we bravely joined the big crowd and waited for the show to begin. The crowd was pretty static not really moving once people got themselves into position as to where they were standing.

Suddenly 5 people kind of elbowed their ways just to the left and front of us.

The 5 consisted of 2 women- age late 30's to early 40's.Waaaaaaaaaay too much make-up.Wardrobe courtesy of Skanks-R-Us. Drinks in both hands.

They nudged themselves in with 3 lumbering D.F.A.'s. What's a D.F.A.? Drunken Fraternity Asshole. These three guys were all over 6' 2" in height. Immediately an uproar from about 2 dozen people told these people they were really blocking the view. And they were. You couldn't see the stage through the sequoias.

Unfotunately, they weren't very nice about the situation because of them being so drunk. The ringleader had too much hair gel,cologne,had a beer spilling it all over himself,was gloaming himself onto the elderly blonde woman. Truly he was King of the Asshats.

His Majesty wanted to get to the front of the stage because it was his "bud's" 30th birthday.They had to "party up front". Bud wore a thick black turtleneck sweater and seemed reluctant to go along with King Asshat's scheme. The other D.F.A. was a chunky guy with a crew cut.Chunk-style and King Asshat slurred back and forth- "Ok ready, let's go to the front." I'm ready you ready? Yeah I'm ready...." this went on for several minutes with girls screaming at them.."GO! Move! Leave!"

One the elder-skanks turned to the girls egging them on,"We aren't moving.We don't care who's in front of us even the Pope!" does a blog good.

The dialogue between the D.F.A.'s continued..King Asshat then said some of the stupidest comments I have ever heard a human being make.This includes any Bush speech. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen I present to you King Asshat:

"Hey! I've seen Slayer 8 times!I know how to rock."

"I partied with Tommy Lee at ASU."

"I like that 'Guys on Film' song these dudes do."

And his big pick up line for the blonde? Ready?:

"I got more game than Milton Bradley."

Mrs. Pratt heard the blonde tell someone- "My friend and I only met these guys 5 minutes ago at the bar.I can't believe they are 28. Laugh*Snort*"

So this crew staggered about and then the show started. Once again a great show by Duran Duran. The performed "A View to a Kill" and "The Reflex" in place of "Come Undone" and "Is There Something I Should Know" this round.Mrs. Pratt loved every minute of it.

During the first few song King Asshat and elderblonde were grinding against each other so much that I think I actually witnessed a few STD's being hatched on the spot. Chunk-style was trying the same hand to crotch combat with Brunette girl but she kept batting him off. After awhile she had had enough of "busy hands" and took her friend and left.

King Asshat meanwhile was singing off key into his cellphone "hunnnnnnnnnngry likes the wolf". He couldn't even get the lyrics right.

The D.F.A.'s milled about a bit a little puzzled that the girls left them and their sparkling personalities. While the 2 were in grope fest the 3rd whose birthday it was had to put up with constant insults by the people they stood directly in front of.

Then Chunk -style and King Asshat started giving pats to each other. On the butt.

I guess with their beer goggles they realized they were meant for each other.The concert ended and they were last seen headed for an exit which many of us prayed was an empty elevator shaft.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday - Monday Bunday...

Due to a trip to Atlantic City, Monday Bunday arrives a day early.

Princess is dismayed that she wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding

Baxter and friend gossip about Greyton and Twizzle.

Greyton in a quiet moment...probably thinking about carrots.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hello Dali pt.2.

About a month ago, we attempted to see the marvelous Dali exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art but tickets were sold out the day we went.This morning we finally got our chance to see it.

Approaching the Art Museum steps, Dali's eyes watch you.

Walking up the front of the "rocky steps" to see a giant visage of Dali looking at you was a nice way to start the morning. Our reservations for the exhibit were at 10:30am . Mrs. Pratt and I arrived early and took our time walking around outside the museum.

Once inside, we went to the line where we were handed the recording devices to hear the curators explain the exhibit. The first chirpy voice I heard on the recording was a curator at the art museum who sounded exactly like C-3PO. No, honestly, he did. At any moment I fully expected him to burst forth with a "I say, Master Luke. The watches appear to be melting!" or "Goodness me.. Will Lando Calrisian be meeting Mr. Dali at the St. Regis Hotel for cocktails this evening R2?"

Another curator would show up occasionally and she sounded like Eleanor Roosevelt. Between the fey Brit and the gargly voice crone I was already entertained. Brit narrator guy also had a horrible habit. He persisited in repeating the word "renaissance" several times throughout the audio tour. What annoyed me was his pronounciation- he kept saying "ren-EH-sance" putting all the emphasis on the middle vowel.I wanted to reach for a two BY four and smash the recorder.

But thankfully they didn't hire a local Philly neighborhood goon to do the narration. It would sound something like "Yo! Youse guys are gonna think these "pitchers" are pretty good..right pally?e-a-g-l-e-s eaaaagles... Be right back I need a soft pretzel, a chesssteak wit' and a Yuengling..."(Pratt snaps out of surreal linguistic fantasy)

As we were about to enter the exhibit I heard a comment that makes blogs happy. This is an actual quote from a woman to her mother:

"I hope I enjoy the Dali paintings. I don't speak Spanish at all."

Yeah ponder that one for awhile.

The exhibit was truly amazing though. The paintings and drawings are gathered from around the world including items from private collections, so seeing some of these works was a rare treat.

It was a beautiful day out today. After the art museum visit we walked around Boathouse Row. Rowing on the Schuykill River has been a Philadelphia tradition for over 100 years. Rowing clubs have these houses on the river to store their boats. At night they are usually lit up.(The houses not the rowers!) Paths along the river are filled with people jogging, biking, roller blading and walking. One of the boathouses has a makeshift lighthouse attached to it. Guess where we went. Mrs. Pratt filled up on taking a bazillion pics of it.

Tomorrow it's off to Atlantic City to see Duran Duran again. Monday Bunday will be posted extra early Sunday afternoon.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Hail Fredonia!

Need a laugh tonight? Turner Classic Movies is showing the films of the Marx Brothers all day. Check out some of the funniest movies ever made including Duck Soup Horsefeathers and A Night at The Opera.

Top 12 Surprising Things Found in the Pope's Will...

12. Surfboard can be found in back of his clothes closet.

11. Revealed secret identity of The Batman to the world.

10. Instructions to cancel Spin magazine subscription.

9. Wore Hawaiian shirts under his robe all those years.

8. Had some really good seats for upcoming Springsteen tour.

7. Had 10 loan payments left on Popemobile.

6. Please invite to funeral Prince Rainier? what? damn.Johnnie Cochran? what? damn.Saul Bellow? what? damn..

5. Trophy from Nascar days located on bookcase.

4. Cancel reservations for The Olive Garden on Friday.

3. Return new khaki miter to The Gap.

2. Hates church organ music..Loves the kazoo.

1. Real Name: Duane

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Is it Monday Bunday yet? Oh well have a great weekend!

C is for cockamamie...

The producers of Sesame Street are having Cookie Monster eat healthy.

Foot Bawl...

I'm not walking very well today. I think I broke my toe. About 2 nights ago I was up a little late and writing. Mrs. Pratt was going to bed and wanted me to get some sleep as well. Reminding her for the umpteenth time that I'm approaching 40 and not in need of a set bedtime I told her I wanted to write and blog. She grumbled a bit about it. I argued about not hindering the creative process and she went to sleep.

After I finished writing I came into the dark bedroom and was walking over to throw clothes in the hamper when suddenly..


Earlier that evening I had vaccuumed our bedroom and the vaccuum cleaner was sitting there. I had forgotten about it and smashed my foot into it.

I'm a crumpled mass on the bedroom floor.
Me: "Ow.ow.ow.ow.ow.ow." with additional curse words thrown in.

Mrs. Pratt wakes up. The lamp on the night stand is turned on. I turn to look at her with an exasperated Oliver Hardy expression.

Me:"Go ahead say it. If I didn't stay up to blog this wouldn't have happened."

I got the patented "My husband is an idiot look" and off to sleep she went.

Yesterday my foot was very sore but I had to get to work early so barely had time to notice it. I was kind of limping a bit.

When I got home I took my shoe and sock off and yes the toe is purple. It's the fourth toe in on my right foot.

I show Mrs. Pratt.

Me: "Look how bad this is.I think it's broken."



So what does she do next? POKES IT AGAIN!


Mrs. Pratt: "Does that hurt?"

I hobbled around the rest of the night. At 1am I heard a big noise downstairs. Greyton was in one of his "moods" and chasing around poor Twizzle for a bunny humpfest. There were making an awful racket. I go downstairs to break it up

*THWACK* stub the same toe on our rocking chair.

I really hope it doesn't fall off. I can do a great Long John Silver impression today with my leg feeling so lame. " leg....blind pew.Arrrrrrrrrrr."

Million Dollar Bunny...

I always thought that among my rabbits Princess was the big diva and demanding of a luxurious lifestyle. Not so apparently. My thanks to frankysbride for sending me this link about a new class of luxury yacht being produced called "Twizzle". This would explain Greyton wearing a skipper hat around the house.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One Year...

Today is one year since I started The Blog of Pratt. How it all began was getting an email from an old college friend who wrote some poetry and prose pieces on his own blogger site.

A few months before that I was trying to convince some of my old friends to do an online version of the old humor magazine we used to work for. Not much was happening in that department due to time and job commitments. But after ten years of basically hibernating I was itching to do something creative again.

I saw the "create your own blog" at the top of the page-and decided to give it a try.
As I was creating the page I came to Name of Blog: 'hmmmm..what to call it?' I had noticed some pages had clever titles ...'what to do what to do..oh well I'll think of something later' and typed The Blog of Pratt. I'm glad I did.

The first posts- awkward. Pretty bad. Baby steps.What were other blogs doing? How do they do this? Call it fate, karma,or dumb luck by circumstances I stumbled upon some writers of some very good journals and said hello.I don't know whether they took pity on me or what but a few took me under their wings and gave me a truckload of advice on how to do this whole online journal thing.

Mary Ann of Mary's Little Life spent hours trying to tell me how to improve my writing. Carrie of Ponder Ethereal helped me with design and taught me how multi-faceted this page could be.If ever this page had 2 bloggy godmothers it's them. By the end of April 2004 I was starting to find my voice and tell my tales.

Then the best part happened. I met you. I wasn't alone out there and so many voices around the world said hello back.I went to JournalCon last August and meeting dozens of other bloggers was wonderful. Sometimes a suburban life is a lonely one. Get Up -go to work- come home-wash rinse repeat. But I've been inspired and enjoyed the comments and conversation from you. From Hawaii to Washington to New England and all points in between you all mean so much to me.*sniffle*tear*

Years ago back at Hofstra I used to drive my friends on the campus newspaper crazy by cutting pictures out of the Daily News or NY Post or Newsday and then slapping them on a piece of paper with a goofy caption on it. My friend Dave once said I should make a living doing that.

Well Dave, this is the modern equivalent of my goofy piece of paper. I try to entertain you, my audience, and treat this like a daily dose of something good for you. The world is a scary place so I appreciate giving you a Monday Bunday or silly stories that happen to be my life. I plan on doing this for a long time.Please stick around for the ride.

Prince Charming...

It was an amazing story. Almost like a fairy tale. A beautiful movie star found a Prince that set the world abuzz in 1956 and put Monaco on the map.

Prince Rainier has died at 81.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Top 12 Names that won't be used for a New Pope...

After the funeral of Pope John Paul II, the College of Cardinals will meet in the Sistine Chapel in a few weeks to chose his successor. Once the new Pope is elected he will get to choose his Pope name. There is a tradtional list. So here from the Blog of Pratt are the Top 12 Names that WON'T be used for the new Pope....

12. Skippy

11. Gilligan

10. Axl

9. Greyton

8. Flavor

7. Hillary

6. Kramer

5. Fonzie

4. Arnold

3. The Donald

2. Frodo

1. George Ringo

Take Me Out to the Ball Game..

Mrs. Pratt and I concluded this whirlwind weekend of events with the home opener for the Philadelphia Phillies. Baseball games are something we really enjoy doing together and try to catch a few in person during the season. When we are at home the game is usually playing on our tv or a radio.

The horrendous rains of Saturday and Sunday cleared up and it was a sunny,albeit cool day. Our tickets for today's game were right behind home plate! Well..right behind home plate and 4 tiers up in section 419. Here was the view from our seats:

The pre-game ceremonies.A great view of the field and the city of Philadelphia skyline.

Another nice look at Philadelphia from the stadium.

The game was pretty exciting. This was the inaugeral game for the new Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos).The Phillies were swinging the bats and the final score was 8-4. It was a wonderful feeling sitting back with a giant hoagie and chips cheering and booing and keeping my eye out for anything blogworthy.

I wanted to get a program and a souvenir for Mrs. Pratt so when I descended the stairs of my section onto the concourse I saw a very recognizable figure hanging around the food stands.My blog dreams just came true.

Sometimes you never know who you might see at a baseball game.

Well why not? I mean he has all that time off until next December. But for now..Play ball!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday Bunday-Baseball Edition...

The Pratt Bunnies celebrate the Opening day of the Phillies 2005 year.
It's not Rabbit Season...It's Baseball Season!

Twizzle likes to chew parsley in the dugout.

She may not know much about baseball ..but Baxter considers herself The Babe. Maybe one day Greyton and Twizzle will play ball with her.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Rain and Sun...

I went up to New Hope,Pennsylvania this afternoon for a meeting of the blogs.It's always cool when you can connect with other local bloggers. I met my blog friend Gina on a day that was freezing cold and the rains continued.

We were lucky it happened. The roads into New Hope were being closed preventing traffic from going into town due to the water rising on the banks of the Delaware. But the place where it was determined to meet for blog lunch was still open. It was a fun lunch talking blog stuff -which pages are the best - who uses what-types of blogs.Gina was very cool. Afterwards we tried a trek into the town . New Hope has many eclectic shops.

But the town was closed! Shut down due to floods. Nothing was opened. So we marched back to the restaurant bar. For more blog talk and dessert.

It was a rainy ride home but having a sunny friendship with other online journalers makes up for it.

18 Again...

For her birthday this year I got Mrs. Pratt some tickets to Duran Duran. She is a big fan from back in the day (which is surprising given the age she SAYS she is..HA!)This was a big deal for her because all the original members are touring togther again after 20 years.

Despite a horrible day of soaking rain(yes they did play "Hold Back the Rain") Mrs. Pratt prepared herself to see John Taylor-bass player of Duran Duran and one of the few people who if they knocked on my door and said, "I'm here to run off with your Mrs." she would probably jump in the limo.
Mrs. Pratt excited for the Duran Duran concert.

We got to the Spectrum and I surveyed the crowd. Not a lot of young people.Women outnumbered men by 2 to 1 and I would say the audience was definitely late 20-'s to 40's. I saw one woman wearing a tank top that said "Got Milf?" but couldn't get the camera phone out in time.Damn.

Prior to the show somebody noticed my rabbit ring.It turned out the couple behind us were pet bunny owners as well! Small world! We had a nice chat with them about things our rabbits do,diet,etc. It was a cool coincidence.

After an opening act by the energetic Stimulator, the stage was dark- then some burbles of sound and suddenly the 5 members of Duran Duran stood before us.I've been to a lot of concerts but the screams for them were the loudest of any I remember.

They played some of their new album Astronaut which is pretty good and of course did all the hits they were famous for. Simon Le Bon's voice sounded great.Nick Rhodes still wears make-up and does a nice job on keyboards.Roger Taylor did superb drumming. Andy Taylor on lead guitar kicked ass along with Mrs. Pratt's love John Tayor on bass.

Mrs.Pratt:(With big perma-grin on her face that didn't leave all night):"He's wearing leather pants."

Suddenly she was 18 again. You'd think she was. The beer guy did. Before the show she went to get a beer and the man pouring them asked to see her i.d. saying he doesn't sell to 18 year olds. Maybe it was her bright pink Punk Rock Hello Kitty shirt. She enjoyed that moment.

After a trip to the bathroom,I asked her if the lines were long down there with all the women here.

Mrs. Pratt: "NO, but too many drunk girls are singing 'Hungry like the Wolf'. I hope it doesn't ruin it for me."

The concert itself really was wonderful. I'm shocked and amazed that I knew all the lyrics to Union of the Snake and Planet Earth and that they all came back to me so quick since the last time I sang along with them was maybe 1985.

So I had my '80's flashback moment too when I remembered how cool the Rio album was when it came out in 1982, and how it was unlike any other rock record with it's smooth sound. I never had the chance to see the band in the 80's but it made me recall those days when I was lot younger and trying to be New Wave in suburban Buffalo.

And the good thing is we get to see them again a week from today. Duran Duran will be playing the Borgata in Atlantic City and that is part 2 of Mrs. Pratt's present. I will let her guest blog about her take on the concerts next week. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go buy some leather pants.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Stairway to Heaven...

So it's late and the vigil is on the news stations.Of course I've been clicking through news sites most of the afternoon.We all know the end is coming soon for Pope John Paul II.

I know I make the occasional Pope joke on the blog but ok I'll admit I've always been jealous of his car. I mean who doesn't want a Popemobile?

But as the world waits for that final announcement of his death it gives me time to think about my own spirituality. I really don't have much.

And I wonder whether I should even bother talking about it here because this blog is normally the place for silly bunny photos and my goofy jokes of suburban life.

I am a very "lapsed" Catholic as the saying goes. In fact, with the exception of weddings and funerals I really don't go to church at all.That includes holidays.
Mainly because my political beliefs don't jibe with Catholicism.

Groucho Marx had a famous remark "I don't wish to belong to a club that would have me as a member." That's how I consider myself. They have their way of thinking and I have mine.Their beliefs on those points will never change, and I don't think my views will either. So thanks for the wafers and cool organ music but I'll be toddlin' off now.

Ok so that's my beef with the instiution of the church- but back to John Paul II. As a student of history it is impossible to ignore the historical impact he has had on the world in the latter half of the 20th century. His support of his native Poland gave hope to the Solidarity labor movement and other Eastern European countries, his strong stance against Communism was another factor for its downfall in the 1980's.

He was the first media savvy Pope and went to all corners of the globe. I guess the world is just so used to him being around on the nightly news after 26 years that you almost don't envy the man who comes next. He will have such a hard act to follow.

Despite my ideological conflicts it's really hard to dislike this man who always seemed generally happy with his duties.When I was younger Pope Paul VI gave me the willies as this dour old guy. Pope John Paul II had a sense of joy about his calling.

There is sadness at the world losing a citizen who tried to be a force of good and succeeded for so many years. He brought inspiration to many people. I may not return to being a practicing Catholic but you can't help but feel empathy for those of strong Faith at this time.

Vaya con Dios.

Friday, April 01, 2005

American Blogthic...

The Pratts on April 1st


April Fool's Day? I pity the Fool!

Hello boys...

Celebrate April Fool's Day with an all day marathon of Laurel and Hardy movies on Turner Classic Movies. Hard boiled eggs and nuts..hmmmph...

What Up Fool?

Baxter says "Happy April Fool's Day!"