Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hare-um Scareum...

Ever since Princess Jewel died, the baby gate we used to keep her territory off limits to the other bunnies has been removed. Baxter, Greyton and Twizzle have each taken their time investigating the bedroom, but something seems to be scaring them.

We have totally cleaned the room since Jewel's death,(Repeat after me,"This room is clean." in Zelda Rubinstein voice.)but somehow her presence is known to the other rabbits.

Baxter will thump a lot when she's in the room. Especially when under the bed.

Greyton will stay only to one side of the room and not really approach the other.That's the side she used to sleep and spend the most time. When he gets near that area he runs away down the hall , his flumpy feet flying.

Twizzle is a bit braver,which is surprising since he's normally the scaredy-bunny of the household. He creeps over to both sides of the room but still is on his guard.

But at night, they will not sleep in the room. They stay in the hallway. Outside the door, past where the fence used to be. They know it's gone, but I think Princess is haunting them.

It's not like I'm going to call a Petsorcist or anything. I wouldn't be surprised if her tenacious will has her on some level still present that maybe only the rabbits can sense.

I guess I have to listen to things that go Thump in the night.

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