Monday, March 20, 2006

Jack Rabbit the Ripper...

Scandal amongst the Pratt Bunnies today. Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor petting Twizzle and I noticed he was keeping his head down a lot more than usual. I lifted him up and there his neck was bleeding a little.

Now Twiz likes to lick his dewlap under his chin and grooms it a lot. Sometimes he gets in that mood where he licks most of the fur away. We noticed he was doing this last week. So we figured that he rubbed it raw to the point where it was bleeding a little. We were worried about infection,so he went to the vet first thing today.

We have a great vet for the bunnies. He really understands the rabbits well. The doctor looked at it and cleaned it up but said the wound wasn't caused by excessive grooming.

It was a bite mark. (Dun Dun Dun music)

The last few days Twizzle has been a little more subservient to Greyton than usual.
Well, it would appear that the bunny I always tout on here as the sweetest gentlest little critter-Mr. Greyton L. Hare dished out some whup-ass on his little bunny buddy. Greyton is Jack rabbit the Ripper. (dun dun dun)

Shocked! Shocked we tell you! Now at night, they sometimes will get in "moods" where there is a little chasing and amorous behavior. Sometimes it gets nasty , but Twizzle is usually the one to bite Greyton to leave him alone. I guess one night it got a little too rough between them. Great ,just my luck I got BDSM Bunnies.I swear, if I come home one day and Greyton is wearing leather ear socks I am seeing a psychiatrist.

The vet estimated it happened a few days ago, but Twizzle being a little on the tubby side (He's 8.75 pounds) his fat rolls kind of covered up the wound. It hasn't affected his eating habits, because he's been Mr. Salad Bar all week.

Well, he got cleaned up by the nice vet and is on antibiotics for 2 weeks. Medicine he ABSOLUELY HATES. Givin it to him is so much fun. Thanks Greyton.

Greyton is giving us the stinkeye for giving Twizzle all this extra attention, poor little guy. Well we'll have to maybe seperate the two of them at night. But also our computer cable had some recent gnaw marks too, I belive it may be a crime spree. Or Greyton may be taking his role as rock-n-roll DJ BunnyBoy a little too far.(Shameless plug) What a punk.

Right before I wrote this I went to go check on them, they are snuggled together. I guess all is HARE in love and war.

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