Monday, March 13, 2006

Lucky Rabbits...

I wonder , does word get out from the rabbits to others in the animal kingdom about us? This morning,Mrs. Pratt had left for work and I said goodbye to her like I do every Monday. I hopped in the shower, but suddenly a few minutes later I heard her voice again and she sounded distressed. She had turned the corner of our street and saw something on the shoulder of the road. It was a wild rabbit that must have been hit by a car, he was flailing about in distress. She scooped him up in her coat and came home.

There is a wonderful wildlife rehabilitation center in our area. My old co-worker GranolaGirl had saved a few wild animals and brought them there. Mrs. Pratt called but there was no answer for that early in the morning. The bunny, not bleeding or anything, seemed in shock but was still alive. Our vet didn't open yet either.She ended up calling our township animal control and two officers came out to take the rabbit. I don't know if the rabbit would live,he seemed to be paralyzed but better than to be left to die at the side of the road.

This isn't the first time wild rabbits have found us. When we first moved into the Prattcave, a mother rabbit gave birth to a litter in the Nice Neighbor's front yard. When the baby bunnies started hopping about, one decided to hang out near our watering can by the front door.I swear, Greyton and his groupies. We left it alone and didn't touch it. Sure enough, mama rabbit came over and picked it up to bring it back to the nest.

So after the wild rabbit situation this morning, and I was about to leave for work, I noticed Greyton and Twizzle sitting near the front door. They weren't begging for treats or anything, it seemed like they wanted to be interested bystanders.

"You bunnies are lucky to have a nice home.", I said. I gave them ear scritches and went to work.

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