Sunday, March 12, 2006

Zoo Day

The weather finally decided to be nice for the first time this year. Winter's deathgrip was gone and it was 70 degrees here on Saturday. I just had to be outside. Mrs. Pratt suggested our local zoo, so off we went to spend a day with some animal friends.

prairie dog!

I'm very happy to see the Prarie Dogs back. About a year ago, there was a terrible storm and so much rain fell that it flooded the outdoor boroughs. the zoo had temporarily lost most of the prairie dogs. They are back to a large colony again.

I can watch the river otters for hours and never get tired of their antics. The twoo the zooo had were in a playful mood doing backflips and playing chase with each other swimming and diving, and then a playful groom to each other. Mrs. Pratt was able to get a great photo of one while they took a little rest.


In the area where the bison are, they also have this enormous tepee.

Remember my Indian name is "Dances with Carrots".

Look! You can see an utter jackass at the zoo!

I'm usually asked this by women.*sigh*

Mr. Bison's naptime....I need one too.

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