Monday, August 14, 2006

Rochester Respite...

Driving to upstate NY in the mrs. Prattmobile.

We visited a local cemetery,and as we drove in, we passed a grave with a hawk perched upon it. Oooooh spooky.

We found the grave of Louise Brooks, a famous actress of the 1920's.Withe her bobbed haircut and personality-she epitomized the flapper look of the 1920's and her status as an early Hollywood sex symbol has been an inspiration to even Madonna. I have a friend in he UK who admires her and when I knew I would be in the area, took some photos of the gravesite for her. Oddly enough,there was a man in a kilt tending to it as I approached. I spoke to him for a few minutes and he said he always visits this site "...on his way to other journeys.", he said. Then he left mysteriously. Between that and the hawk the whole experience was strange.

Mrs. Pratt and I took a boat ride on the Erie Canal. It was a fun experience,went through a lock and had the boat raised and lowered. If i sang the "15 miles up the Erie Canal" song to her one more time I was going overboard.

We finished the day by going to the Buffalo Bills training Camp. I was able to get some Bills gear which is impossible to find in Eagles country.

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