Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Baxter's Big Date...

Introductions are Baxter. Baxter ...Twizzle...(Both stare at each other for about 5 minutes.) Twizzle hops over to me-Baxter to Mrs. Pratt. More staring. They move a little closer . Each grooms themselves ,but keeps a keen eye on the other.Baxter hhops by.Twizzle tries to bite her butt. More staring more grooming..another butt bite. More staring..more grooming. watching paint dry is fun. We discussed how much they had in common- carrots, salads, eating hay...she kept her eyes on him but neither one "presented themselves" (bunny body language) to the other.

After a half hour we broke it up. It was like this with Twizzle and Greyton. Twizzle was growly and bullying at first but calmed down, and then one day he was snuggled next to Greyton. So small steps- there were no big attacks so that's a positive and I'm sure one day they will be great pals.

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