Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Greyton died this evening. I was home about 5:30, and he got his usual graham cracker treat along with Twizzle and was happy and doing well. Over the next hour, Twizzle was sitting next to him grooming him like he usually does, and then about 6:30 I was just about to make the dinner salads.

As I walked into the kitchen, Greyton started to have a seizure, his legs gave out from under him. I shouted for Maria to come downstairs, and we both knew immediately what was happening. Greyton gasped for breath a few times and then faded away.The old grey hare was 10...which is a good long life for a rabbit.

Yes, I am a big weepy mess.

He was so loved. From the moment Maria picked him out in the rabbit shelter, we gave him such a good life with us. He had distrust of huumans at first, but soon he realized how he came to a home where he had comfy places to sleep, good food to eat, and attention doted upon him. He was King of the Bunnies and knew it. This is a hard loss, as hard as when Princess left us. Perhaps harder.

You, the audience and friends who visit this page to see Monday Bunday I think got to know Greyton well, the many many photos we have of him, whether looking imperious or bemused, lounging with Twizzle, or in a deep slumber. About his slumbering, rabbits tend to sleep with their eyes open because they are "prey" animals, always alert. Greyton often slept with eyes tightly shut. He was happy and content and knew no harm would come to him in these surroundings.

He is enjoying another sleep now. I shall never forget him.The other bunnies know. There is thumping in the house by both Twizzle and Baxter. A sharp foot thump signaling they know something has happened. The King is dead.

To you, Greyton's many friends and fans, I know he knew how much he was adored by all of us.he was a one of a kind animal in personality and temperment. We shall never forget him.


Karla said...

I haven't been over to your site often, but I'm sad to learn of Greyton's death. At least he had a wonderful life.

The last two of my rabbits to die also died in seizures. For Penelope, it was her first and last (she was on her way home from the vet after a procedure to remove fluid from her chest resulting from a thymoma), and relatively brief. George, on the other hand, had had so many seizures over the past few years that we had stopped thinking one might kill him. He was a rabbit who somehow mostly transcended illness and disability. We miss him a lot. But despite everything, like Greyton, he had a good and remarkably long life. I'm sure that Calypso Spots sends her best wishes to your other rabbits.

Karla said...

Oops, I just realized I left out a rabbit who died in a different manner (so Penelope wasn't one of the last two). I only had the pleasure of her company for a week, but Cami doesn't deserve to be forgotten. She was an admirable and lovable being.

It's so hard to lose them. Once they capture your heart, they stay forever.

Lara said...

Greyton was a beautiful boy, and obviously much loved. The loss of your first bunny is a difficult thing to go through - especially when you were so close to him. I hope you've had plenty of support, and are taking care of yourself.