Sunday, December 30, 2007

Monday Bunday

What better way to kick off the return of The Blog of Pratt than with some Monday Bunday!

Baxter and Finnegan are together all the time now. They successfully bonded a few months ago and adore each other.

Mr. Twizzle celebrated his 4th birthday on Dec. 20th , He got a new fleece blanket he enjoys taking his naps upon.

Ollie got into the holiday spirit with his friend, The Bumble.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back in business...

Dusting off the cobwebs...the Blog of Pratt relaunches on January 1st.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm fully back to my normal routine , going to work , driving. My speech has come back and so is my right arm. My leg continues to be a little draggy but I'm able to get around and i try to exercise it. Next week is more doctor visits , but I think this has just been a temproary health hiccup for me.

Bunnies rule

Bunnies do indeed rule the internet.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feeling better...

I'm feeling better today and this morning I was able to return to work. I'm going slow and pacing myself, but it feels good to be back in a norml routine.

Friday, October 05, 2007

home now

I'm home from the hospital. wednesday morning at 3:30 i awoke ands realized my whole right side was numb, face,arm,leg i tried to take an aspirin and i was unable to swallow or talk or really do anything - i was able to say 911 and maria called an ambulance.

I was in the hospital a few days for all kinds of tests. cat scan/mri/eeg/ekgs/echo of my heart and a lovely test where a camera is put down my throat to look at my heart. my right leg is ok but a little stiff. my right arm has regained a lot of it but is weak- typing this takes time but my physical therapist says working a keyboard is good for speech is a little sluggish and slow but it was only a mini-stroke. not a big Dick CLark type i'm home and ok..just a little not well and i'll get better in time.

i always try to keep my sens of humor in whatever situation (well after the initial panic of it all) I was getting the MRI and they put headphones on me played music during the hour test.what song was in hte mix? James Blunt"you're have a bad day".
no shit i thought.

But i'll be well again soon. Don't worry.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Bunday

Finnegan is happy the Phillies are in the play-offs this year!

Twizzle and friend

Baxter got this new blanket for her birthday.

For those wondering just how wee Ollie is...

Mr. Finnegan

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Baxter!

3 years ago-we adopted Ms.Baxter!

Enjoy her first baby pics from way back when.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Monday Bunday

Mr. Ollie

Baxter and Finnegan posing for the camera.


Mr. Twizzle

Baxter and Finnegan are a bunny love couple now. So maybe they need one of those special names like Brangelina...maybe Finnster? Baxegan?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Candy Man

Today is the 150th Birthday of Milton S. Hershey

Go eat some Chocolate!!!

One Year Later...

Today is one year since Greyton died. It was shocking ,but somewhat expected since the old boy was 10 -elderly for a rabbit. His timing knocked us for a loop. It was only two days prior for Mrs. P. and I to leave for a trip to Vegas. So the grief and the numbness had us in shock as we enjoyed Vegas.

As we returned home, it hit us again as Twizzle now seemed lost without his companion and friend. We tried to bond him with Baxter but they would always fight.
A few months later, by chance, Ollie came into our lives, Twizzle seems to prefer his company, and is very calm now. He sleeps near his cage every night. They still tend to scuffle, and for Ollie's safety since he is so tiny compared to Twizzle we still have to keep them seperated sometimes.

Then came Finnegan, another lop , who also oddly has similar habits to Greyton...and Greyton was a weirdo with his sleeping spots and personality(love for the vaccum cleaner) Baxter and Finnegan have really made progress with their bonding.

But one year later, Greyton is still missed. I'm happy he lived a long life and that we gave him a good home all those years. I'm happy that his photos have gone out worldwide and many people have asked about him, which in turn has led me to educate people about rabbits. He was truly one of those once in a lifetime pets.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Monday Bunday is back!

Baxter giving grooming to Finnegan. They are a cute bunny couple now, and spend time together.

Relaxed Mr. Twizzle

The Wee Man- Mr. Ollie

Handsome Mr. Finnegan.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti

One of the most famous tenors in Opera history, Luciano Pavarotti has died at age 71.

Return Engagement...

The Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia will be performing the Stephen Sondheim musical "Assassins" Sept. 13th-October 21st.
In what was be the greatest stroke of theatre event marketing,and in conjuction with the College of Physicians of Philadelphia are presenting something a little out of the ordinary for Opening Night.

The College of Physicians runs the Mutter Museum, which in the 19th century taught medical student s about anatomy, but today serves as a look at medical history past and present.There are over 20,000 items of medical interest to see.

Two of their exhibits include a portion of the brain of Charles Guiteau, assassin of James Garfield. Another is part of the thorax of Abraham Lincoln assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

And so for opening night, the brain of Guiteau and John Wilkes Booth's thorax will be on display in the Arden Theatre's lobby.

This will mark the first time since that night in April 1865 that any portion of John Wilkes Booth has been inside a theatre! As a history geek I find this extremely cool.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On The Road...

Fifty years ago today, "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac was first published. I first read it in 1983-it became a favorite book of mine. I always get the urge to travel when I read it.

But there are all kinds of journeys, and once again I got the desire to start walking down the blogging path once again. I'm sure it will take awhile to get the audience back. I enjoy hearing from all the nice readers around the world who find my page. I'm sorry that I occasionally have to leave the page, but I'll try to keep this going again for a long time.

yes-there will be Monday Bunday. The bunnies are all doing well. Finnegan,Twizzle, Baxter and Ollie are their usual sweet selfs. Occasional holes dug in carpets, occasional headphone cords chewed, but all living happy bunny lives with us.

Mrs. Pratt has been in Scotland the last two weeks. It's a nice trip she takes every few years with her mother. I will have her guest blog here and tell you about her adventures...including a boat trip on Loch Ness.

As for me, it's been a busy time of year for me with my work. Fall has begun, and as the lazy days of summer fade, I have a lot to keep my attention.

So let me clear the cobwebs, and state I am open for business again.The journey begins again...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Direction

I woke up this morning like I do every morning listening to the local news radio station. Usually I'm half drowsy and not paying much attention to what's filtering in my ears but this story woke me up.

Apparantly, there is a major blogging conference going on in Philadelphia, like close to 300 people attending, and I had not heard a thing about it until this morning.

Once upon a time I used to write so much more on this site, but now it's just a weekly rabbit photo update and has strayed far far away from the written word.
So discovering how out of the loop I am, it's definitely a sign to close up shop here.

Now you can still see rabbit photos on my flickr page .I'll just update bunny pics there every week. So you will still be able to follow what Twizzle, Baxter, Ollie and Finnegan are up to.

This site will slowly disappear. There are some pics and entries I want to save or print before I delete the page for good. But after three and a half years, time to move on.

The End.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Bunday

Finnegan says Happy Monday Bunday

A very successful date between Baxter and Finnegan.

Baxter grooming Finnegan

Twizzle relaxing in the Bunny Bungalow.

Mr. Ollie flops near a big friend.

Eat your greens!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Monday Bunday

Finnegan and Baxter's hot date.

Finn's Fortress of solitude.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monday Bunday

The wee man Ollie says hello.

Ms. Baxter

Happy Monday Bunny from Mr. Finn

Where are those banana chips?

We introduced Twizzle to Finnegan. He ran and hid in the cardboard castle peering out the window. He freaked out a bit because I think he had a Greyton flashback. But they had a relative good time together until humping began.But they will be friends. The ultimate goal is to get a trio of bonded bunnies with Baxter as well.

A boy and his toys.

Mr. Finn making himself at home.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Bunday your fans.

Haughty Mr. Ollie

Lovely Ms. Baxter

Very comfy Mr. Twizzle.

Mr. Finn says hello.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finnegan meets Baxter

Finnegan has settled in nicely here at our house, and we want to bond him with one of the other bunnies...we plan on trying him with both Baxter and Twizzle.Baxter went first. I brought her down to the kitchen where he was flopped out under the table..He was half-a snooze. Suddenly he perked up, and flumped over to her...and mounted her.

Now when Baxter is with Twizzle she will fight him, but just like how she reacted to Greyton, she got all submissive around Finn and let him be the dominant rabbit.She didn't fight or nip him at all, eventually she flopped out and he sat nearby they just stared at each other for awhile. their ears were both forward which is positive bunny body language. After about 20 minutes. I took her back up to her room. So this was a good first step.

The rest of the evening Baxter dug Baxter Loves Finn into the carpet while Finn flopped in the living room with a smile on his face.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Monday Bunday

Mr. Finn relaxing.

Baxter strikes a pose.

The wee man Ollie.

Alpha Bunny Twizzle.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Finnegan Comes Home...

So these are my new digs huh? Ok I'll stay awhile...


Finnegan meets a hay ball.

We went to the House Rabbit Society's local chapter this morning to bring Mr. Finnegan home.Now we are starting him out in the living troom and kitchen, and eventually one or even two of the bunnies will bond with him.

As we opened the pet carrier he leaped out and ran right for the kitchen . Flopping out under the kitchen table, which was one of Greyton's favorite spots. It must be a lop thing. But we kind of felt that indeed, the torch had been passed and Greyton would have approved of a lop friend enjoying his resting spots.

We just let him chiill out in there and get used to the new environment. As the day progressed he would come back into the living room to explore, but retreat back to his kitchen flop spot. Then he started doing little happy leaps, so I think he was understanding that he had a home now, and not just a cage.

We gave him a banana chip as a treat(the people at the shelter told us he loved those) and later on after I placed his first dinner salad on a mat near him. He dug right in.

We didn't want to freak him out with too much flash photography at once...but a few good shots were taken of him today. Many more to come...