Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monday Bunday

Sorry folks no action shots today...heh...

Yes, Mr. Twizzle did enjoy his carrot thank you very much...

Fortunately , He started to clean his own dewlap up after the carrot snack.

Twizzle relaxed on a quiet afternoon.

Mr. Twizzle ,very loafy makes himself comfortable before a nap.

Ms. Baxter spends more time downstairs in the living room to keep her from fighting with Ollie. She relaxes near the rocking chair sometimes.

When Twizzle isn't using his house in the living room, Baxter likes to flop out there.

Lounging around in the guest house.

Baxter snacks on one of her straw mats.

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Anonymous said...

the baxter shots were especially cute today!

anne marie in philly