Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ollie Oop!

mrs. Pratt and I were downstairs in the living room. Baxter was downstairs too. Twizzle was in the upstairs hallway and Ollie was in his room with a babygate at the doorway.

Suddenly we here thunderous running from upstairs- back and forth and through the rooms. We thought it was Twizzle just running around. As we went upstairs,we noticed Ollie's gate was pushed down. I don't think I had it set up quite right and there in Ollie's room was Ollie sitting on poor Twizzle's head like an obscene Easter bonnet. He was humping away and Twizzle looked at us with that exasperated Oliver Hardy type look. We got Ollie off him with no damage but then Twizzle wanted to hang out with the wee man some more. Look's like Twizzle's in love again.

As for Ollie, he had a quiet afternoon in his cage to chill out a bit. He's out again now and Twizzle and he are nosing each other by the babygate. Oh L'Amour.


j. adelaide said...

your rabbits lead a scandalous life.

Anonymous said...

oh my (fans herself vigorously)

anne marie in philly

Carrie said...


Lauren said...

ollie needs to stop humping everything.... do they have rabbit rehab??? maybe he needs to make an appt. LOL!

Pratt said...

well sometimes the urge doesn't fade...Greyton had a long love connection with his pal Twizzle.