Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Daffy Duck

70 years ago today, April 17th, 1937, Daffy Duck made his screen debut with Porky Pig in the Tex Avery directed Warner Brother's cartoon "Porky's Duck Hunt". It also featured the first time Mel Blanc voiced both characters. The cartoon also included the song "The Merry Go-Round Broke Down" which became the them song for Warner's Looney Tunes.

Duck Amuck from Chuck Jones remains one of my favorite Warner Brother's cartoons.


Anonymous said...

"I demand to know who's in charge around here"

"goodness knows it's not like I haven't lived up to my contract goodness knows"

"rabbit season"

"shoot him now, shoot him now"

"pronoun trouble"

"I'm a fiddler crab, it's fiddler crab season, why don't you shoot me"

cracks me up every time.

and no, daffy is older than I am.

anne marie in philly

Lauren said...

daffy duck is great. though i love all the WB cartoons... i specifically like the one with the gremlin, though that's bugs bunny... :P