Sunday, April 29, 2007


Pop Culture Calendar is my new side project. it really makes sense because this blog is usually just bunny photos but then suddenly an obscure pop culture celeb takes a dirt nap and I want to comment on it. but when i do people get confused with What do rabbits have to do with an old actor from the 1960's.

So... I started a new blog that all the obits, celebrity birthday, odd video etc. will show up on.

I also will have help. My friend Blinkie is a talented local friend of mine. She will be writing with her own entries.Between her pop culture interests and my silly tastes we'll report on all forms of media.It's also a work in progress so expect design changes, name changes and just general construction on it until we get a good format down.

Now then, This page will continue to be the home of Monday Bunday. Every time I try to retire this page I get a chorus of people who need that bunny photo fix.I'm sorry, Ollie prefers I don't say fix. I don't update it much with personal writing about myself anymore but the weekly bunny pics will go on. You are still welcome to visit this page.

So visit Pop Culture Calendar. New entries will appear from one or both of us everyday.

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