Sunday, December 30, 2007

Monday Bunday

What better way to kick off the return of The Blog of Pratt than with some Monday Bunday!

Baxter and Finnegan are together all the time now. They successfully bonded a few months ago and adore each other.

Mr. Twizzle celebrated his 4th birthday on Dec. 20th , He got a new fleece blanket he enjoys taking his naps upon.

Ollie got into the holiday spirit with his friend, The Bumble.


Rabbits' Guy said...

That's a fne looking group, even for a Sunday! Welcome back on the air. Hope it goes well!

anne marie said...


the bunnies have returned! I have so missed my bunnies!

and you too, of course.

here's to a great 2008! (raises coffee mug; waaay too early for anything with alcohol)

Hilda said...

Just found your blog--love those cute bunnies and reading about their activities!

archi ann said...

Welcome Back!!! Glad your health is on the mend and you are back in full force. Great pics! Congrats on the bonding - i'm still working with 2 of mine but i hear it can take months for them to bond!

Let's make it great in 2008!!

bozoette said...

Excellent buns! Welcome back!

Andrewbun said...

Yay! Monday Bunday is back!

Andrewbun & Mom

Anonymous said...

Ollie looks like he disapproves of Mr. Bumble!