Monday, November 03, 2008


Finnegan isn't doing so well. Over the weekend, he suddenly became gradually lethargiic. His appetite, always good, dropped off and he wanted no hay, pellets, or greens. We made sure he took water using a syringe , and Sunday night he perked up a little nibbling on some lettuce. His hopping had slowed a bit. But he definitely needed to go to the vet.

In his younger days, he was prone to stomach blockage due to furballs , but has been feeling good for months, so his crashing like this was sudden and unexpected.
Fortunately, we go to a marvelous vet who really understands Rabbit health well. Some tests were done and no, it wasn't stomach blockage but his kidneys and liver aren't doing so well. It could be a virus.So he is staying overnight at the vet at least until Wednesday to see if some antibiotics and some saline can bring him back.

I hope it does.


mary ann said...

Good vibes for Finnegan. Poor bunny.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, poor Finnegan! We'll think get well thouhts for him. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Big Sister Pratt said...

I hope he's OK. I'll say some prayers for your bunny.

And I'm so glad you're back to blogging!

Anonymous said...

We hope he is ok - Orlando is just getting over GI Statis. He scared the crap out of me!

anne marie said...

good karma being sent finn's way!

I see diva kitty has weighed in - her bunny has been ill too.

don't get too lonely, ms. baxter; finn will be home soon!