Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have no idea if any of my old friends will be reading this. I stopped doing the regular daily blog almost 3 years ago.I look at the old blogs, looking at time standing still.Those were fun days and it was a nice creative exercise to try to come up with content daily. It's funny a lot of my friends who wrote kind of wrapped up their pages by 2009 as well. For some I think the novelty wore off. Or we seemed to tell all our stories. The internet moved on and Facebook and Twitter kind of took over our daily net lives.I still see some blog friends over on facebook and there's the occasional hello but not the sense of community that really seemed to be fostered when so many people were writing.Some still blog daily or weekly and I truly admire them for that.

In some ways a lot has happened to my life in that time. In other ways not so much.

I'm still married. yes she still gives me the "Look of Death". I usually deserve it.
I still have rabbits- Finnegan, Baxter, Ollie and Benny now. Twizzle died about 2 years ago.
I still have a job, in an industry where I will probably be obsolete in a few years.I'm not optimistic so I try to keep hoping for the best when i know my futre will probably be wal-mart greeter.
I still have my health. No problems since my mini stroke in 2007.Once a year my cardiologist checks me out and everything has been ok since.
My father died a few months ago. Many years of health problems ended peacefully for him.
I still try to be involved with a few creative projects to keep myself busy.Some have been more successful than others and I've been able to meet people from all over the globe.
This page may stand still as a relic of another time in my life but I haven't totally forgotten about it.
Somedays I get the urge to write again...