Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Face in a Book

It's nice to revisit this page occasionally. A chance to dust off the cobwebs , kick the tumbleweeds and take a look around. A time to let you know I'm still here to anyone who stumbles upon my page.All is well with me these days. Health good. My job ok. Bunnies are all well. Yesterday, I started an experiment that had friends calling me concerned if I was ok. The source of this concern? I deactivated my Facebook page. It came down to a decision I had regarding how to spend time wisely. Once upon a time I used to read in my free time. A LOT. In my corner of the house I have a lot of space devoted to bookcases. I have books everywhere. Over the last year or two I have accumulated a stack of books I have been meaning to get to, and the best way to dive in was to get rid of something taking up my time. Facebook is a nice way to reconnect with old friends, and I enjoyed the games like bejeweled and words with friends, but I really want to get back into my reading habits which faded away.It's too easy to get swept up in Facebook and so I cut myself off cold turkey. I try not to be too plugged into the world 24/7. I don't own a smart phone and refuse to put the internet on one. I avoid most tv except for a few programs- too much news cycle just makes me more cynical and depressed about the world. Deactivation is nice because eventually if I choose to I can start it up again. But it's funny that in today's world by declining to be a part of Facebook , my more tech minded friends sound alarms like you are up on a ledge or something testing wind direction. I just want to read books for a few weeks every night instead of following status update after status update for hours. So I'm digging into the stack- I have an Andrew Jackson biography to read , followed by the Mark Twain autobiography, a Theodore Roosevelt biography and a JFK Biography. I will be existing happily with my books.

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