Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Farewell Baxter

In case any former readers visit this page I have to mention that one of my beloved pet rabbits, Baxter died on September 14th. It was just about 10 days from exactly 8 years since I adopted her as a baby. Revisit the September 2004 posts on the blog to see photos of her. Actually there are many many photos of her throughout the history of this blog. She was truly a joy through the years. A beautiful friend who would always be happy to see me.I'm glad the last 5 years she found happiness with Finnegan by her side.The days and nights they spent together I think added to her years. She had a safe happy home with us. One of her favorite things to do was find the sunbeam that shone in and would flop out and nap- so content with her world and enjoying literally her place in the sun. As with all our rabbits after they die we had her cremated and her box of ashes rests on my bay window where the daily sunbeam will continue giving her a place to shine. I shall never forget her.

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