Thursday, April 03, 2014

10 years ago...

It was 10 years ago this month that I started this blog,and it changed my life in many unsuspecting ways. So first, Happy Anniversary to that occasion. In the 1980's I had been very active creatively from 1983-1992. I was drawing and writing and satisfied with the outlets I had to put my creativity to use. But then I entered a different part of my life, as we all do, and had to adjust to the new surroundings of not only a sense of place but of relationships. I moved from Long Island where I had spent the last decade to the Philadelphia area.I got married , I got a job.The 9-5 routine and the pre- internet days left me in a bit of creative limbo- a bit of hibernation of the imagination.I kind of disappeared from a lot of friends and just got wrapped into the suburban life. And then in 2004- well blogs were popular, the talk of the media,and started one where I could throw my sense of humor and life out there. It had been awhile since I dipped my toe in the waters of being social and from that soon found some friendships from people around the country who seemed to like what I wrote, and I enjoyed their pages as well.And bunny photos. A lot of fans of photos of my pet rabbits. In 2006 the social media phenomenon of Myspace was at its peak. More interesting people came into my life and through those flukey circumstances I discovered podcasts and internet radio which by 2008 led to even more amazing friendships and creative partnerships. And a few years later of course Facebook and Twitter came to rule the social media hub and things like the blog seemed to fall away-we were all still having adventures but mostly it was easier to take a photo of the good meal or vacation and post it without the long description. I'm proud of my old friends who still blog and put themselves out there in the written word. After 10 years of being out of hibernation I'm happy to still be contributing in some shape or form, and this blog started me on that journey.

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